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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Friday, July 15, 2011

Tis' the weather for birthdays...

...3 days and 23 years apart, my baby and I both delighted in celebrating our special days this past week (8th and 11th)...so here a few well overdue pics of my little lady turning TWO (boy does time fly when your havin' fun!!)...

...balloons and trains and water...oh my!
Birthdays are AWESOME!!!

xxx Charlotte

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

my fun week

bouncing and climbing till my hearts content at 'wiggly worms'...

expressing my artistic flair through playdough sculpture...check out my happy face!!

 and '...a workin' on tha railroads...' (mummy likes to buy me new clothes and toys when she's stressin' bout her "mountain" of uni work...helps the ol' nerves)

 ...yeah...what a gooooood week!

xxxx love Charlotte xxxx

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Year one was...oh so good!

Our one year wedding anniversary (+ the years that came before)....woohoo for us!!! I love you babe xxx (and you too Charlotte...lots and lots and lots)

              xxx big kissies xxx

Saturday, May 28, 2011

my friend cheese...

...aaaahh cheese...the food of the gods. A good cheese and wine night, for me, is right up there with Christmas and surprise pressies from ones hubby (*nudge, nudge, wink, wink...cough...Tariq*), oh, and Charlotte OF COURSE. My swelling passion for cheese has grown steadily over the years, so much so that I'm RESOLUTE that when I retire (talk about planning ahead eh!?!) or win the lottery (preferable!) I will own a small yet productive herd of goats and produce my own range of deliciously popular artisan, raw milk cheeses (as by then the ridiculous ban on raw milk cheeses in Australia will have been graciously lifted!). So why all this random rambling about cheese you ask...WELL, I'm just a little excited because I received the cheese lovers HOLY GRAIL in the post the other day and I want brag about it: Written by the 'king of cheese' Will Sudd, Cheese Slices is a book on everything cheese, from the properties of cheese and cheese types to cheese history and cheesemakers.

Will Studd and book (courtesy of Google images)

 I've been following Will Studd's t.v. series for a number of years (as he travels the world seeking out small, farmhouse artisan cheesemakers and produce) and was utterly delighted to receive the box set for mothers day (thanks Charlie...and Tariq). Now that I have the book my quest is complete! So if, like me, you have a slight, yet cleverly concealed, obsession with cheese (that may be bordering on a psychological condition) please, please, please watch and read Will Studd's 'Cheese Slices'...you're in for a real treat!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

...Philipe le faune...

...a funny ol' fellow, sir Philipe. He enjoys his drink and swears far too much...but have him brew you a mug of his magical juju and all your worries will drift away...

  ...this lil' guy was gift for my mum on mothers day. However, the last few weeks have been rather hectic, hence the delayed post. I'm currently working on a new doll design...looking forward to seeing how it turns out xxx

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Our "Unsung Hero"...

*Article courtesy of the S.A. Guardian Messenger

Some well deserved recognition for an incredibly special woman...methinks...
Love you mum xxx (hope you're reading this on the new-beaut ipad!!!!)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our Easter Escape

In an attempt at spontaneity, the three of us decided to take a 3.5hr car ride (god bless portable DVD players) to Port Moorowie (York Peninsula), to spend a couple of nights, over the long weekend, in a shack/house rented out by mainy and pa (Charlottes grandparents on daddy's side). Charlotte luuurved the hobby farm we visited (I think she loved the donkey a little too much though, enough to sacrifice her hand when the carrots had run out - see below), and the beach...well that's a given! All in all it was a HUGE success, especially considering i managed to squeeze in some sewing. And that country silence....oh so good!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oh my beautiful yarn...

...courtesy of the very talented textile artist Drucilla Pettibone. These exquisite, hand spun yarns (intertwined with antique lace and petticoat) sourced from Shetland ewes are works of art in themselves, so much so that I am reluctant to use them. I have never encountered such beautiful and nostalgic materials...
...Thank you so much Dru! I feel very privileged to be working with such precious materials. Please visit Dru's beautiful stores http://etsy.com/shop/petitbones and http://www.etsy.com/shop/drucillapettibone and her wonderful blog http://drucillapettibone.blogspot.com. Can't wait to use my special yarn...and purchase some more!

...and when mummy's happy...I'm happy too! xxx charlotte


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Our uni medalist...

A BIG squeeze, smoochy kiss and round of applause for my special guy! Over the last couple of days Tariq (my hubby) was awarded, not only, his graduation parchment for completion of Honours in a Bachelor of Science (for which he received First Class (graded 85% and above)) but a Chancellors Letter of Commendation (presented for excellence in a single year of study) and a rare and prestigious University Medal (awarded for excellence in grades throughout the extent of the degree).....(ok, just catching my breath)...and yes, tears were shed on my part (albeit very discretely - just so happy!). For those who don't know, Tariq is currently in the throws of his PhD  -"investigating reactive chemical transport (chemistry...aargh) on the hyporeic zone (rivers or something?) by use of numerical models (computer coding...yeah, right!)" - yeah, I have no idea...couldn't even spell it without help - so if you REALLY want to know what its all about...um, maybe wikipedia!?! Anyway, SOOOO PROUD of you babe!!!! (think it deserves a holiday...away...in a 5 star hotel...with me! ;))
Tariq with the University Chancellor (medal and parchment in hand)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Cleaning ones ears (a quick guide)...

# 1. Select your bud - Each bud is unique. Find the one that suits you simply by scattering the contents of the box around your head.

# 2. Place bud in ear - A stern expression is recommended during this step ...finding the right spot is no joking matter.

# 3. Get it in there REAL GOOD - The treasures lie deep within.

# 4. TA DA! Hands Free - This step is only for the skilled ear-cleaner. Not recommended for amateurs.

# 5. Let bud sit for 15 - 20 minutes - (only for the pros') this allows the general household population to marvel at ones AWESOMENESS!

*N.B. Do not allow ones mother to "experiment" with camera settings during a shoot! (what was she thinking!?! idiot.)